A great option for self-employed borrowers who need an alternative method to show cash flow.

What these no-doc programs mean

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For many homebuyers, traditional income or credit documentation requirements can be a significant challenge in qualifying for a mortgage. We believe borrowers deserve the opportunity to qualify using alternative methods. This loan program offers homebuyers flexible options such as asset depletion and/or bank statement documentation. This program is ideal for self-employed borrowers who do not meet traditional documentation requirements but can qualify using flexible alternatives.

Do I Qualify?

Flexible Qualification Methods

  • 12 or 24 month bank statement
  • 1099 only
  • Asset qualifier
  • DSCR
  • P&L Only
  • Stated Income

Your Home Loan Could Be Fully Funded 30 Days From Now

Fixed Rates

The rate and duration of your loan don’t change for the live of your loan.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM)

Your rate could change based on market conditions but your starting rate may be lower than a fixed option.

Conforming Loans

Loans up to $726,200 in the 48 continental states.


Jumbo & Super Jumbo Loans

Loan amounts depend on your state and county but these loans typically have slightly higher rates due to loan risk.

FHA, VA, & USDA Loans

Endorsed by the federal government, these loans typically have lower rates but require different criteria.

Terms from 5 to 30 Years

Select your loan term based on your financial goals.

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